Sunday, June 20

Happy Father's Day

To The First Teacher,

Happy Father's Day

Saturday, June 19

Friends Unlocked

The city is starting to open....... 
 Come, we will meet in some nook, come by keeping mobile home..... 
We will talk .. 

Saturday, May 29

Survival Tactic : Celestial Weapon

Ashwatthama got furious when his father Drona was killed in the war, as a result of deceit from Pandava camp. As a counter attack he launched "Narayana Astra", the illustrious weapon of Vishnu.

This wreaked great havoc on opponents by making countless weapon rain drop from heavens, until Krishna (god himself) disclosed the secret of surviving it: laying down weapons, do not retaliate & remain calm. As this celestial weapon targeted only armed warriors & ignored unarmed ones.

Krishna added that this super natural weapon was so powerful that if opponent bring in the idea of war to their minds, weapon was receptive to that & will destroy them.

Pandavs quickly followed the survival tactics, with their troops abandoning chariots & getting themselves unarmed.

Impact of Celestial astra gradually passed by with time!
What's next, YES Pandavs rose again & fought the battle & WON !!

Wonderful message here is that:
"Battles are not just about attack & counter attack. Sometimes battles are won just by staying put, being patient & remaining calm."

Friday, May 28

English Vinglish (The Tharoor Farrago)

A quizmaster at a friendly social quiz had a round called "English Vinglish (or The Tharoor Farrago)" in which he gave descriptions of a few popular Hindi songs in bombastic Tharoorese and the participants had to guess the song titles. 

1. Where a crooner repeatedly addresses his paramour expressing in his serenade that blossoms burgeon in gardens when he and she rendezvous in arid wilderness

2. An advertiser beckons those suffering from vertiginous dizziness or depressive melancholy to approach him without trepidation

3. A suitor ruefully claims that a smithereen of a celestial object that is in fenestral juxtaposition with him remains unapproachably aloof

4. Those who apperceive the umbra of amorousness on their capitulum experience paradise beneath their podal extremities, promenading in the shade

5. With an invocation to a behemoth of the dot com era, the protagonist expresses his scant heedfulness for whether he is repeatedly described as lacking civilization, given that he is helplessly entrapped in the whirlwinds of romance

6. Where the protagonist annunciates his cognomen proclaiming his terrestrial solitude and the existence of a vacuum in his cardiac organ as well as his domicile

Guess the 6 Hindi songs.

Monday, May 17

Vaccination of William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare came to get vaccinated.

Nurse: Which  arm? 
Shakespeare: _As You Like It_
Nurse: Was that painful? 
Shakespeare: _Much Ado About Nothing_ 
Nurse: You will have to have a second jab. 
Shakespeare: _Measure For Measure_ 
Nurse: So what do you think of the general awareness with regard to Covid?
Shakespeare: _Comedy Of Errors_
Nurse: I heard your wife Anne decided to get vaccinated in the company of her friends?
Shakespeare: _The Merry Wives of Windsor_
Nurse: Did you try convincing her?
Shakespeare: _Love's Labour Lost_
Nurse: Wouldn't she listen to you?
Shakespeare: _A Midsummer Night's Dream_
Nurse: So what happened at the other vaccination centre?
Shakespeare: _The Tempest_
Nurse: But it worked out?
Shakespeare: _The Taming Of The Shrew_
Nurse: So it is okay then?
Shakespeare: _All's Well That Ends Well_ 

Shakespeare:  Will I've any adverse effects?

Nurse:. Wait until _*The Twelfth Night*_ 

Books Comics Collection To Download and Read

Here is bumper collection of books. 

Few like minded souls have collaborated since the lockdown began.....creating a repository of *Comics*, & *Books* 


Amar Chitra Katha (200+), Archie, Asterix (All), Calvin & Hobbs, Commando, Flash Gordon, Lone Ranger, Mad Magazine (10 years), Mandrake, Modesty Blaise (100+), Phantom (50+), Richie Rich, Spiderman (300, Tintin (All), Tom & Jerry ……and more


Agatha Christie, Amish Tripathi, Jeffrey Archer, Arthur C Clarke, Ayn Rand, Bill Bryson, Ray Bradbury, English Classics 100+, Clive Cussler, Dean Koontz, Devdutt Pattnaik, Douglas Adams, Enid Blyton, Frederick Forsyth, JK Rowling, John Grisham, John Le Carre, Louis L'amour, Mitrokhin, Perry Mason, PG Wodehouse, Rick Riordan, Robert Ludlum, Sidney Sheldon, Stephen King, Tom Clancy… 300 more miscellaneous authors….special focus on Autobiographies, Military & Special Forces, Business & Learning, Food & Drink....

Enjoy, *News&Mags*