Tuesday, April 13

Drone images of Mountains and Oceans

Beautiful images by Drone camera of Mountain road and boats.

Monday, April 12

Just Couldn't Resist - Fryday

He died last Fryday. Thank god he wasn't beaten.
Don't worry, he went over easy.
He's now on the sunny side.
He's definitely on a better plate!

Have Faith for Peace

'Sometimes, simple faith could lead to profound peace.'

Thursday, March 25

Viral Pawri (Party)

Whoever drew this, got it so right!!!

Yeh Hum hain!
Yeh hamarey mutations hain
Yeh hamari Pawri Ho Rahi Hai!

Wednesday, March 24

Mathematics of Friendship

When a 60 yr olds sits alone they appears their full age. 😒

When two office friends, 60 yrs old come together, then they appear only 30/30. 😁😀

When three college friends, 60 yrs old meet together, then they appear only 20/20/20.🤣😃😄

When 6 school friends, 60yrs old join together, then they appear as 10 year old school children. 😆😉😋🤗😍☺

This is the *Mathematics* of Friendship....