Strategy of Fanatic Terrorism

Amrullah Saleh former Intelligence Chief of Afghanistan had this to say on the urban attacks in Israel by Hamas :

By virtue of my previous  position I had done a thorough study of ISIS & Taliban booklets & strategies, which are  strikingly identical to each other, about  spectacular urban attacks. I had read hundreds of confessional reports on this matter. Here is the excerpts as short as I can make it.

"HUMILIATE your enemy & show he is incapable of defending the civilians and the civilian infrastructure. Make him ANGRY and vengeful. Let him use his weapon & military power in anger which will lead to civilian casualties. This way you practically bring him into the FIELD OF YOUR CHOOSING. It is the age of information, so use the images of the civilian casualties in your favor and generate sympathy. Break the myth of his "State status".  If he keeps killing and causing civilian casualties, you win. If he stops the fight you win. If he chases you through  surgical operation, it will not satisfy his ego. The ensuing stalemate will be in your interest. Keep planning. Never pay attention to the so-called cry of the civilians. They may be set up by your enemy. Aim to break the will of the population & shatter their confidence in their State. All societies are vulnerable".

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