English Vinglish (The Tharoor Farrago)

A quizmaster at a friendly social quiz had a round called "English Vinglish (or The Tharoor Farrago)" in which he gave descriptions of a few popular Hindi songs in bombastic Tharoorese and the participants had to guess the song titles. 

1. Where a crooner repeatedly addresses his paramour expressing in his serenade that blossoms burgeon in gardens when he and she rendezvous in arid wilderness

2. An advertiser beckons those suffering from vertiginous dizziness or depressive melancholy to approach him without trepidation

3. A suitor ruefully claims that a smithereen of a celestial object that is in fenestral juxtaposition with him remains unapproachably aloof

4. Those who apperceive the umbra of amorousness on their capitulum experience paradise beneath their podal extremities, promenading in the shade

5. With an invocation to a behemoth of the dot com era, the protagonist expresses his scant heedfulness for whether he is repeatedly described as lacking civilization, given that he is helplessly entrapped in the whirlwinds of romance

6. Where the protagonist annunciates his cognomen proclaiming his terrestrial solitude and the existence of a vacuum in his cardiac organ as well as his domicile

Guess the 6 Hindi songs.


  1. 1. Mehbooba mehbooba (Sholay)

    2.Sar jo tera chakraye (Pyaasa)

    3. Mere samnewali khidki mein (Padosan)

    4. Jinke sar ho ishq ki chaon/ chhaiya chhaiya (Dil se)

    5. Yahoo, chahe koi mujhe jungli kahe


    6. My name is Anthony Gonzalves (Amar Akbar Anthony)


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