Saturday, August 15

Ekla Cholo Re (Walk Alone)

Thursday, August 6

Interesting Analysis of RAMAYANA

R_A_M_A_Y_A_N_A - An interesting analysis👇

' *Ra* ' means *light*, ' *Ma* ' means *within me*, *in my heart*.
*Rama* means the *Light Within Me*..

*Rama* was born to *Dasharath & Kousalya*.

Saturday, July 25

Luxurious Happiness

No luxuries required to be happy,
It requires only good company.

Thursday, July 16

Footsteps of Time

Hear the footsteps to this door
See the View from the Balcony

Wednesday, July 15

Weapon of a Beauty

She was pronounced not guilty for the murder,
the court didn't consider her Eyes a weapon!