Kitchen Audit

😷😷😷 My wife forced me to help her in the kitchen...

My observations....   

1. There is no stock ledger maintained. Procurement is not in line with provision factor. Purchase orders are placed verbally. Inventory maintenance is very low. 

2. There are no budgeting documents. 

3. There is no indexing of products. 

4. No bin cards were displayed. 

5. No annual, monthly or quarterly stock taking has been done. 

6. No inspection has been carried out for years. Most of the spoons and plates are of the wrong pattern and do not match the original numbers. 

7. No procedure of inventory valuation. 

8. Weighing scale not present. 

9. No handing over/taking over files maintained. 

10. No SOP and menu displayed. 

11. Fire fighting equipment not held. 

12. Sufficient reserves are not maintained. 

13. Annual balance sheet and other financial statements have not been prepared since inception. 

14. Lots of unaccounted cash was found in many boxes in the kitchen. 

I have been removed from kitchen duty and now given toilet cleaning duty... 🤕