Secrets to Keep Smiling

What really keeps me smiling and positive !

Some facts and my recipe list:

1- I stay away from toxic people and never waste my energy by giving them any attention.

2- I generate my own self motivation without expecting any taps on my shoulders from anyone.

3- I meet interesting new people every single day and enjoy the every new member who joins my network.

4- I carefully select my crowd and build my own like minded tribe.

5- I fear no human whatsoever and know how to deal with anyone who tries to stand in my way.

6- I choose to work with partners and businesses I'm passionate about and enjoy getting paid for real impact.

7- I turn a deaf ear to negativity and get my daily power and energy from positive people.

8- I have nothing to lose at all because I have everything else to gain every single new day.

9- I never worry about the way unappreciative people may perceive me and I get more power from the ones who really know me and believe in me.

10- I give more than I take and enjoy the self-satisfaction that comes from the outcomes of giving.

11- I learnt when and how to say No when a yes is taken for granted.