Guru Purnima (Teachers' Day)

Guru Purnima 

TEACHER is a generic word we have imported from the British. In this short thread, let me explain u the word TEACHER.

You will realize how rich Sanatan Dharma & its mother language Sanskrit is.

Sanskrit words for "teacher" is based on their unique abilities & these are 6 phases or called it an evolution of a Teacher.

1. The teacher who gives you Information is called ADHYAPAK

2. The one who imparts knowledge along with Information is called  UPADHYAYA

3. The one who Imparts skill is called ACHARYA 

4. The one who is able to give deep insight into a subject is called PANDIT

5. The one who has a visionary view on a subject and teaches you to think in that manner is called  DHRISHTA

6. The one who is able to awaken the wisdom in you, leading you from darkness to light is called GURU

These are 6 Unique abilities of a TEACHER, the word we use in general term

If u read Gita, the life journey is from Karm Yog to Gyan Yog

Which means that teaching journey of a Teacher is from ADHYAPAK to GURU and a student Journey is to learn under ADHYAPAK to GURU

This is holistic Sanatan Education which we lost in race to Degree.

We all learn something good from each other and in that sense, everybody is one's Guru!

On the occasion of Guru Purnima, I wish / pray that I continue to learn every moment, staying humble!