Wives' Comparative views on Past n Future Employment

Wife's League Past n Future

1. Work anytime - on demand chai coffee snacks anytime of day/night, etc.

2. Work anywhere - in house or on holiday or family events or helping at friend's 

3. Use any device - gas or chulha or burner or microwave etc. 

4. Focus on outputs - taste kaisa hai, arrey kuch aur lao, etc.

5. Create your own ladder - buys in fashion dresses, shoes, i want that diamond, etc.

6. Customised work - separate dish for each family member, busy hubby so she deals with all like grocery,maids, guests,family,relatives,etc.

7. Shares Information - gossip with friends, neighbours

8. Can become leader - when maayka comes calling 

9. Relies on collaboration tech - whatsapp groups, phonecall, dress jewellery exchange for repetitive functions, etc. 

10. Focussed on adaptive learning - various usage of politeness, sweetness, crying, anger ultimatum  etc.

11. Democratised learning n teaching - you are wrong i am right