Medical humour 😉

Five doctors went on a duck hunt: a GP , a Physician, a radiologist,  a Surgeon & a Pathologist . 

After a while  a bird came winging overhead , the GP raised his shotgun but didn't shoot and said "I think its a duck,but needs a second let the physician shoot.."

The Physician also raised his gun and said.."Its a duck..but the other possibilities should be considered such as a hypertrophied sparrow or an atrophied ostrich..."

Radiologist quickly scanned the situation and mumbled.. ".. It can be a duck, a sparrow or an ostrich or even a hen ..however,  Please correlate clinically.."

The surgeon was the only one who shot . Boom !!!!  He blew it away . Then he turned to the pathologist & said  ,  " Go  and confirm whether thats  a  duck ."

The pathologist slowly  approached the bird cooked it and ate it then he said...
"Specimen inadequate..."