Just 30 Years Ago

*It was just 30 Years Ago*

30 years ago, children were gentle with their parents. Today parents have to be gentle with their children 

30 years ago, everyone wanted to have children. Today many people are afraid of having children.

30 years ago, children respected their parents. Now parents have to respect their children.

30 years ago, marriage was easy but divorce was difficult. Nowadays it is difficult to get married but divorce is so easy.

30 years ago, we got to know all the neighbors. Now we are strangers to our neighbors.

30 years ago, people had to eat a lot because they needed the energy to work hard. Now we are afraid to eat foods for fear of the cholesterol/diseases.

30 years ago, villagers were flocking to the city to find jobs. Now the town people are fleeing from the city stress to villages find peace.

30 years ago, everyone wanted to be fat to look happy ... Nowadays everyone diets to look healthy.

30 years ago, rich people pretended to be simple and humble. Now the poor are pretending to be rich.

30 years ago, only one person worked to support the whole family. Now all have to work to support one child.

30 years ago, people loved to study and read books to impress themselves and others ... now people love to update Facebook and read their whatsapp messages to impress themselves and others.

*Yes..it was just 30 years ago* 🙏