Sunday, May 24


how many persons in 2015 thought they would be in 2020?

Wednesday, May 20

Lockdown Experience

This lock-down is getting old and frankly I've had enough.

I've discussed the matter over a cup of coffee with the kitchen sink, and we both agree that the experience is draining.

I didn't mention anything to the washing machine as she puts the wrong spin on everything.

Same with the fridge. He only gives cold comfort. 

I asked the lamp but she couldn't shed any new light on the situation.

The vacuum cleaner was rather rude and told me to suck it up.

The threshold was no better, it suggested I get over it.

The carpet advised me to sweep my feelings under the rug.

But the fan was more upbeat and thought that the crisis would soon blow over.

The toilet looked a bit flushed and didn't offer an opinion.

The wall didn't say a word either, just gave me a blank stare.

The door knob was more forthcoming - told me to get a firm grip on the situation and move on.

The front door declared I was unhinged and so the curtains told me to.... you guessed it right - pull myself together.

Then the chair told me to table it, and the table remarked, I didn't have a leg to stand on.

 When I told the table to break a leg, the mirror said that my comments reflected poorly on my thinking.

However, in the end, the iron straightened things out. She said everything will be fine. No situation is too pressing for long anyways!

Looks like the Lockdown is getting not only to me but to everyone 😁

Saturday, May 9


*(Group Etiquette)*

1. *Always learn to appreciate other people's posts, even if they are not your friend*
It makes them feel important and encourages them to come up with something more positive.

2. *Never run people down on the platform in a group chat*
You will cause them to withdraw and they will never come up with their objective views on issues.

3. *When you see something you don't like from a member, inbox the person* 
Don't attack him/her on the platform publicly

4. *Never insult or use unpleasant language to members* You expose your uncultured manners and attitude to people and it may turn the platform into a combat ground.

5. *Be quick to say sorry and apologize when u have erred* It helps to bring down the tension which your words may have created.

6. *Don't try to enforce your ideas or suggestions on members* Nobody has monopoly of knowledge, allow majority conclusions to prevail on issues.

7. *Never settle scores with anybody on a general group chat*
will give others the opportunity to take sides, thereby causing others to withdraw.

8. *When anyone is celebrating, he/she does not need to be your friend when you celebrate with that person.*
It's the spirit of brotherliness

9. *Some have the gift of talking and others the gift of reading*
Learn to contribute to the group... Even if it is just using the symbol 👍... It makes people know that you appreciate the group.

*There are 3 types of posts you will always see on a group chat*

(A) *Offensive posts*.. Don't attack the person, it could be a mistake.

(B) *lnspirational/educative posts*
Commend the person.. Don't just read and keep quiet.

(C) *Meaningless/wrongly uninformed posts*
Start by appreciating the writer, then correct the information, but don't hush him up with condemnation. 
*#Be affectionate to one another*